Wipro set to build campus for 30,000 employees despite slow growth in real estate market
Dec 07, 2012 // Architecture //

While the rest of the world is cutting back investment and liquid cash that was marked out to flow into the real estate industry, it seems like one of India’s largest IT firms is going in the opposite direction as it plans to build an exclusive and extensive new campus in the city of Bangalore.

Wipro is one of the biggest software exporters of South East Asia and has been a pioneer in the industry for more than a decade now and their latest project aims at building its biggest campus in the heart of Bangalore city, which will house more than 30,000 employees.

While both software industry and outsourcing have taken a hit in the recent time, it seems to have only delayed or fractional slowed down the growth in the multinational giants of the region.

Wipro’s latest 1.9 million sq ft campus in Sarjapur should help not only breathe new life into the software sector in the region, but would also give the city’s real estate prospects a shot in the arm. The creation of the new campus promises to create not just new jobs, but also a increase in value of real estate that surrounds the campus.

Those close to the ground believe that the advent of the new campus will automatically create a fresh demand for both renting and buying house and flat spaces in the surrounding areas.

That is great news for not just those who own real estate close to the new Wipro campus, but also for owners of Property in KR Puram and other regions that are close to the city center as young software professionals eager to build new careers could well be flocking the city. While the date of completion of the new campus has not been revealed, it sure seems like a vibrant boost to the local economy.

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