What Your Kids Need

Long gone are those days when children used to tuck in the duvet with their parents on either side. In this fast paced era both the children and parents need their own personal space where they can enjoy moments of unadulterated solitude. To provide them with much needed space, parents nowadays try to redesign the kids’ room as per their interests.

The kid’s room need not be spacious but it must be colorful as colors infuse vivacity in them. Walls can be painted blue or pink depending on whether it’s a girl or a boy; and wallpapers of their favorite cartoons can be pasted on their walls to make it more personalized.


The room should not be crowded with furniture leaving enough space for the child to play.  Furniture should not be humongous and should be multipurpose like a bed with a bookshelf or bunk bed if the room is shared by two siblings. Wall cupboards are a great option as it saves a great deal of space or cupboard cum study table is yet another way to minimize overcrowding the room with furniture. A shelf dedicated to the kid’s toys can also give the room a more personalized touch.


A soft board with child’s photographs or drawings can be placed on a wall. Also an isolated wall can be used as a chalkboard or painting area to foster their creative abilities.

While we understand that your child is very precious to you but it’s also important that you don’t go overboard with your budget in designing the kids’ haven.

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