What are the Best Ways to Pack Up for a Move?
Jul 18, 2017 // Other //

We all have to do it sooner or later. Some of us will do it several times in our lives, while others do it a least once a year. Moving can be quite challenging from a logistical standpoint, so why not use a little advance planning to make it easier to pull off?

Here are some tips on the best ways to pack up for a move:

De-clutter with a Vengeance

Have you ever ended up moving things that you meant to get rid of? This is one of the worst things that happens when you don’t plan well for your move and run out of time. Before you pack a single box, go through everything and get rid of all items you no longer need. That will reduce the size of your task…possibly quite considerably. Sell what you can, and donate or recycle as much as possible.

Organize Into Categories

A sure recipe for disaster is mixing breakables in with solid objects. Avoid any such problems by choosing a number of categories (e.g. kitchenware, clothes, DVDs, bedding) and only pack that type of item in a box.

Choose the Correct Type and Size of Box

Places like liquor stores can be a great source of free boxes, but remember that these will always have wear and tear, and were not designed to carry those loads of heavy books and dishes you have. For precious, easily damaged or broken items, visit a moving supply store and get their advice on the type of thickness you need. Also, do not put small loads of heavy things in oversized boxes as you will have a hell of a time carrying them.

Label Your Boxes Carefully

If you have more than one box of an item, provide additional detail on the label (e.g. downstairs bathroom, guest room linens). This will help you know what goes where without having to open all of the boxes containing that type of item.


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