Typical Interior Design Process
Oct 27, 2017 // Interior Design //

Regardless of how big or small your interior design project happens to be, there is a typical interior design process you will see with just about everything. The length of time you spend in each stage, of course, will differ based on the specific project, but you will go through each one in some way, shape, or form. Here are the details on each step:

Decision To Design

The first step in any process, including the interior design process, is the decision to move forward. As soon as you make the decision to engage in an interior design project, you have started the process. At this point in time you may not know all of the details of what you want to do—just that you are going to do something and a general idea of what that might be.

Making A Plan

Now that you have your decision to start this interior design project, you need to develop a plan of what you want to achieve. This will include the scale of a project (e.g. one room, multiple rooms, the whole house) and the specifics of what the project will entail. This stage of the interior design process normally includes developing a list of what materials and finishing pieces (e.g. pieces of furniture) you are going to need, even if its not specific brands at this point.

Devising A Budget

How much money are you going to need in order to implement the plan you just made for your interior design project? How much money can you currently afford? This will be the detailed breakdown of the costs associated with your project, including fine-tuning the plan you made previously in the interior design process.

Getting Down To Business

Now it is the point where you have to put your interior design plan into action. Get started! This stage might be as simple as buying new pieces of furniture, or could be as extensive as having all new floors and painted walls, plus new furniture. The length of this stage is solely dependent on the scale of the project, particularly because the more you need to do, the longer it will take. This does not even include the increased risk factor.

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