Top commercial interior trends of 2012
Oct 17, 2012 // Interior Design //

We might not be at the absolute end of the year, but it seems like we are getting there fast and as 2012 races towards a close, commercial interior design and its trends have taken another turn towards the future. While interiors as a whole are changing and evolving at a rapid pace, its effect is starting to show in the commercial sector with new trends that are both innovative and unique.

Here are the ones that are on the top so far in 2012 and will define where we are headed in 2013 —

1) Rebranding is a now on in full scale with businesses all around the world, both big and small, trying their absolute best to try and reach out to the next generation. This has meant the advent of commercial interior design which is far more futuristic in outlook, modern in appearance and sleek in form.

2) While ‘Going Green’ has become a common tagline for firms in the past couple of years, it is genuinely true. More businesses are now concentrating on commercial interiors with a sustainable outlook as they not only make for a great campaign matter, but also help save on energy bills, resources and even rope in a discount or two from the government.

3) One trend that seems to be spreading fast under the radar is ‘suggestive selling’ and its incorporation into commercial interiors. Greater number of businesses wish to make particular impact on consumers and clients as soon as they walk into the store, which will usher them in a sub-conscious manner towards sales. Product placement and visual impact have taken great precedence!

4) Integration of technological advances has also become an essential factor for commercial settings, thanks to the handheld device revolution currently going on. Interactive displays, smartphone menus and touchscreen interfaces are the latest rage.

5) Growing demand for commercial interior specialists and companies that provide this service is another indicator for the amount of importance that firms and individuals are placing on interior design and planning.

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