Top 3 Interior Decorating Tips
Dec 29, 2017 // Interior Decoration //

Are you ready to decorate your place for the first time? In need of an interior decoration overhaul? You have come to the right place! With all the control in your hands, along with the vast array of choices in front of you, interior decorating can become overwhelming at times. To help you get started, here are three key interior decorating tips to keep in mind from beginning to end.

Watch The Picture Hanging

Did you know the vast majority of people hang their pictures and other pieces of art too high? A picture is too high when your eye begins to rest on the wall space between the bottom of the picture and the top of your furniture. We recommend hanging pieces no more than eight inches above the top of the piece of furniture it will be above. Stay on the lower end of this for large pieces, and on the higher end for smaller pieces. In addition, make sure you measure carefully when putting up art with multiple panels. You need each frame to remain level with the others as well as straight overall.

Organize Bookshelves

Even if you only have a few books, organizing your bookshelves can bring a significant positive impact on your interior decoration, regardless of the other decisions you make in the rest of the room. There are many ways to organize your books, including by the colour of the spine, by author, alphabetically, by genre, et cetera. Some people also recommend doing both vertical and horizontal organizing. If you choose that route, ensure your horizontal stacks never climb higher than your vertical stacks for the most visually appealing results.

Cohesive Theme

You have many different themes to pick from when you are interior decorating. There are countless choices. We do not know your personal tastes, and as such cannot recommend a particular theme. However, the biggest tip we can provide you with is to make sure your theme is cohesive in each space. You can have the same theme throughout your home if you wish, but you need only match the theme within a room (e.g. not all bedrooms have to have the same theme). Maintaining a cohesive theme helps ensure your eyes are not overwhelmed and everything remains visually appealing.

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