The Milan Design Week 2012
Apr 10, 2012 // Dream Homes //

Jean-Francois d’Or , Maarten de Ceulaer , Nathalie Dewez or Michael Bihain are just of the designers that will take part in the Milan Design Week, from April 17 to 22 in Belgium. This is the unveiling of Design Perspectives (Commissioner Giovanna Massoni ), an exhibition that will present the Recent productions by 25 Belgian designers and companies, that are established and emerging. A collaboration between regional organizations to promote this sector, Outlook will invest the prestigious seat of the Triennale di Milano.

What is the future of contemporary design? What challenges does it meet? What do we find beyond? Through a collection of prototypes, products, services, projects and systems, Outlook provides intriguing perspectives, the sober and playful from which we can consider the influence and impact of design on daily life.

Industrial design, self-produced, artistic, social, and open source universe. These suggest that the different perspectives and illustrate how the steps of the design differ in appearance, overlap and merge.

The questions “why, how and what” through exposure. Designers and companies then take a position on the challenges of a faltering economy, has ecological impact, has an aging population, to sustainable development and social cohesion.

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