The House R by Christ Architects
May 18, 2012 // Dream Homes //

House R, is one of the last projects of Christ architects. House R is a house located in the heart of a residential area in the center of Karlsruhe in Germany.

Built on 4 floors connected by an open staircase and an elevator, House R includes living rooms, a basement with swimming pool and an open space rooftop. The rooftop is structured as a loft with three sides open onto a terrace.

Most of the construction is based on energy optimization through several additional facilities. Triple glazing coupled with external solar protection, solar thermal systems or the use of massive concrete can easily provide a good temperature in the home, without using air conditioning or overheating.

Design: Roger Christ
Assistants: Ronni Neuber, Julia Url
Engineers: Thielmann + Schmitt und Partner | Wiesbaden



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