Small bathroom design ideas to help maximize your interiors
Feb 11, 2013 // Interior Design //

Space is arguably the most premium commodity and when it comes to big city dwellings and studio apartments, it is all about maximizing what is on offer. While a small bathroom might seem far from ideal, there is no reason for it to be clumsy and uncluttered just because there is lack of room. With some creativity, simple tricks and a few daft design ideas one can turn that tiny little room into a visual treat as well.

ultra modern bathroom cabinets

Here are a few ways of making the best of what is on offer —

1) Bathroom cabinets without doors is one of the best ways to start off cutting down on the excess. While that sounds contrary to the current trend, the removal of doors both saves up on space and gives the interiors a more open feel.

2) Use a stylish and large mirror even if your bathroom is narrow and small. The addition of a mirror not only creates more space from a visual perspective, but this little trick also brightens up an otherwise dull bathroom.

3) Lighting is probably the first thing you need to address if you wish to give your small bathroom a more dynamic and open appeal. If there is no window currently in your bathroom, then you should be thinking about creating one. A mix of ambient natural lighting and cool layered artificial lighting helps increase the beauty of your bathroom immensely.

4) Try to ensure that the entire bathroom follows a single color template. If you create many areas in different colors and shades, then the fragmented regions make your bathroom appear smaller than it really is. Attempt to use a single shade throughout.5

5) Try installing a floating bathroom vanity along with a floating sink as this frees up foot space and creates a more ‘open and fresh’ atmosphere.

6) Use in-wall flush and wall-mounted toilet designs along with sleek, matching accessories and facets so that there is chic look created thanks to clean and well defined lines.

7) Add some natural green in the form of flowers or a small shrub so that there is a sense of freshness that goes along with the existing warm and soothing look. Addition of bamboo shoots can even bring an Asian, Zen-like appearance.

8) Keep things simple and always avoid clutter. While it sounds like almost a given, we often forget that ‘less is more’.

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