Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space
Oct 13, 2017 // Home //

Every so often, an individual will look around their home and feel a little bored. But for one reason or another, they may not be able to do a completely overhaul or move to a new place. So what is left for them? You might be surprised at how easily you can spruce up your living space! Here are some quick tips to get you started:

Wall Art

Are you walls bare? Are you bored of the pictures on them? Changing the wall art or putting some up to begin with is a great way to spruce up your living space. You can add colour, contrast, et cetera. Many people choose to change the pictures and other pieces of art on their walls in accordance to the season. For instance, they might have a beach scene on their walls in the summer, but a snowy shite landscape in the winter.

Pop of Colour

Do you have a neutral colour scheme going on? You can instantly change the whole room by adding a pop of colour! Try simple throw pillows, an area rug, wall art, and more. You can make it a small pop of colour or a large one (e.g. with a brightly coloured piece of furniture). The choice of how intense you want to go is entirely up to you (and anyone else you might share your home with).


A nice way to breathe new life and spruce up you living space is to bring in some plants and flowers. This greenery helps change the space and can continue to do so as each plant grows, as the flowers bloom, et cetera. This helps you wait longer before you feel the need to spruce things up again.


Did you know that clutter actually makes most people dislike their space? To help spruce up your living space, declutter your home and throw out anything you really do not need anymore. From there, you can also re-organize things. Your spruce may be as simple as that!

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