Air Cushions by Helene La Moureyre
Apr 19, 2012 / Dream Homes /
Recycled car trimmings, recycled chairs or pots of flowers, bed slats made ​​into bins or coat hangers, and clothes that come to life as a stool. An eco-designers agency decided to solve the problem of recycling materials. They made airbags for suitable small pieces of furniture. The Air Cushion is designed by Helene La Moureyre of Bilum. Indicative Prices: 40 x 40 cm Cover only - 56 euros 80 x 80 cmFloor Cushion - 154 euros
Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler
Apr 18, 2012 / Dream Homes /
The young Italian designer who recently graduated from the Royal College of Art for Product Design section,  presents his Pressed chair.  Harry Thaler works on the economic materials in his design. It is light with just a weight of 2200 g. It is elegant, strong, and stackable. The Pressed chair consists of a simple aluminum foil pressed from 2.5 mm thick. Of course, it is recyclable at will.
The Katra Chair
Apr 17, 2012 / Dream Homes /
In line with the projects of Maezm, Saintluc and Werner Aisslinger, they recently presented the Katra chair. With Katra is any experimentation on the use of a naturally occurring compound that has been initiated, reducing the ecological impact of these materials. These are usually very popular among designers. Qualities experienced by the aesthetics of this chair even have minimalistic lines. This was presented last November at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Nantes.
Flip Chair for Children by Marco Hemmerling
Apr 16, 2012 / Dream Homes /
The German architect and designer Marco Hemmerling will present one of his latest creations dedicated to children. He will be presenting it in the famous Zona Tortona Milan show. Chairs, toys, coffee tables are included in the pieces of the collection. A playful piece design that fits the child with its sparkling colors and composition of lightweight foam, which allows it to be easily handled by even the smallest child. This is available in 6 colors and is suitable for outdoor use. The Flip chair is priced at ...
Microbial Home: An idea of ​​the ecological kitchen of tomorrow by Philips Design
Apr 15, 2012 / Dream Homes /
Research projects around a kitchen greener have increased in recent years. We remember of course the Ekokook of Faltazi, the Biosphere Home of Farmer Philips and more recently, Project Shelved Cooking of Unqui, winner of the 2011 Emile Hermès. Microbial Home, the latest in the series devoted to prospective Probes projects, Philips Design shows the kitchen of the future. He plans for it to be a global ecosystem where the economy and recycling of resources are required. His idea includes waste converted to methane to be reused ...
Hush Chair by Freyja Sewell
Apr 14, 2012 / Dream Homes /
A nice project from the discovery of English designer, Freyja Sewell, is an armchair called "Hush" with organic, generous lines that are designed from a single piece of 4 X 1.75 m 100% wool felt. The material that has not been randomly selected by the designer is sensitive to a sustainable development. It is breathable, elastic, biodegradable and naturally renewable. The wool also offers the ability to naturally delay the dampness of the area. Freyja Sewell recently just signed a contract with the manufacturer, Fatboy, with whom ...
New Majestic Hotel Singapore: Heritage, Culture, and Design
Apr 13, 2012 / Dream Homes /
Located in the heart of Chinatown in an old traditional store, the New Majestic Hotel Singapore offers a new kind of institution in the region. It is an intersection of art, history and design. This beautiful hotel has 30 rooms. Many different worlds organized themes like the Mirror Room, Hanging Bed Room, and many more, that mix unashamedly vintage pieces, colonial furniture and contemporary design. Among them, five were assigned to designers from different disciplines ( architect, designer, director) who were given carte blanche on the ...
Stream Sofa Design by Arik Levy for Palau
Apr 12, 2012 / Dream Homes /
A beautiful collaboration between Arik Levy and the Dutch publisher, Palau came up with the Stream sofa. According to the designer, this is a "true mico-architecture in the room". Beyond the elegant colors and coatings selected, we can be attracted by the flexibility it gives off. Its height, adjustable backrests, adjustable armrests, and adjustable composition. A new creation to which side we also discover Fence, a coffee table with minimalist lines, which transports and stores easily with its detachable feet.
Coffee table by Shinobu Koizumi
Apr 11, 2012 / Dream Homes /
The proposed coffee table by Japan's Shinobu Koizumi takes the form of an hourglass to freeze time. When asked where this inspiration came from, Shinobi said that, "I want to stop time, even if this is impossible. I want to escape from my busy day and drink my coffee." The "Moment" coffee table was conducted in sand mixed with epoxy resin. The plate, designed wood, allows the table to assume its function.
The Milan Design Week 2012
Apr 10, 2012 / Dream Homes /
Jean-Francois d'Or , Maarten de Ceulaer , Nathalie Dewez or Michael Bihain are just of the designers that will take part in the Milan Design Week, from April 17 to 22 in Belgium. This is the unveiling of Design Perspectives (Commissioner Giovanna Massoni ), an exhibition that will present the Recent productions by 25 Belgian designers and companies, that are established and emerging. A collaboration between regional organizations to promote this sector, Outlook will invest the prestigious seat of the Triennale di Milano. What is the ...