Graux & Baeyens New Project
May 19, 2012 / Dream Homes /
This house of 70 years was inspired by local farmhouses. The aim was to provide more space and light, and the implementation of contemporary developments. Far from the total rehabilitation initially envisaged by the owners, the team of Graux & Baeyens architects, based in Gent in Belgium, worked on an extension, playing on contrasts between traditional and modern architecture. Four volumes defining new living spaces have been added (including a covered terrace houses), as well as completely redesigning the rear of the building. Inside, old and new ...
The House R by Christ Architects
May 18, 2012 / Dream Homes /
House R, is one of the last projects of Christ architects. House R is a house located in the heart of a residential area in the center of Karlsruhe in Germany. Built on 4 floors connected by an open staircase and an elevator, House R includes living rooms, a basement with swimming pool and an open space rooftop. The rooftop is structured as a loft with three sides open onto a terrace. Most of the construction is based on energy optimization through several additional facilities. Triple glazing ...
Leo Seowell’s Fun-Filled Art
May 17, 2012 / Dream Homes /
Leo Seowell has developed his own art and style over the last 50 years. His notable works are mostly composed by charming and cute plastic objects, woods and metals. Leo Seowell's art is being collected by museums, individuals and corporations all across the globe.
The Superb Art of Jane Perkins
May 16, 2012 / Dream Homes /
"I started making richly decorated brooches in my final year, using broken jewellery, plastic toys and other small found objects. The inspiration came from festival headdresses from Ecuador which I discovered while researching my thesis on art from recycled materials. The headdresses, covered with all kinds of shiny and odd things, are bizarre and quirky, yet beautiful – I love them!" These were the words of Jane Perkins, whose interpretation of art is superb. Among her subjects were President Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, and Nelson Mandela.
The Designs of BRC
May 15, 2012 / Dream Homes /
BRC stands for Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, founder of the BRC Designs. Caldwell reforms unconventional and timeless materials into simple, yet unique and amazing furniture. Their designs such as the Binary Low Table, which is made out of technological scraps; the Korobeiniki Chair, and the Protrusion Low Table, whose design surpasses the most expensive furniture.
Emeco’s Aluminum Seats
May 14, 2012 / Dream Homes /
The long established U.S. firm, Emeco,  which specializes in aluminum seats, scored their development in a holistic environmental approach. Made of 80% aluminum, its products comes mainly from recycled cans and industrial waste. In addition to manufacturing, the packaging is made ​​from 100% recycled materials. Away from the disposables, the foundation produced by Emeco is given for a lifetime of 150 years.
The Gree Des Landes: An eco-spa hotel by Yves Rocher
May 13, 2012 / Dream Homes /
The Gree Des Landes in Gacilly, France, was a project initiated by Yves Rocher, that offers a high environmental quality. Everything here was designed to fit better in a protected environment: green roofs and outdoor wood; linen; woolen sheets; duvets and pillows in organic cotton; wood floors and oak paneling for interior; and the use of rocks found on the site for the spa's construction. The Gree Des Landes has 29 rooms, a restaurant, and a spa that is neatly designed. The Gee Des Landes is nestled in 10 ...
Parupu: Children’s Biodegradable Chair
May 12, 2012 / Dream Homes /
Parupu: behind the distant-sounding term hides one of the latest creations of Claesson Koivisto Rune. This children's chair is made entirely of DuraPulp, a clever mix of paper pulp and pla, a bio-plastic without oil, made from corn flour. The result? A piece of 100% biodegradable material, light as paper, but as strong and as durable as plastic. It has a colorful and friendly design.
Mr. F. Suspension by Florent Degourc Metylos
May 11, 2012 / Dream Homes /
Signed by designer, Florent Degourc Metylos, the Mr F. suspension was presented in the Milan Design Week as part of the Meet My Project exhibition. A minimalist piece that takes place through a simple and ingenious system of notch to adjust the suspension height. Made in 100% France, Mr. F. is designed from wooden shot in the Jura and French wool felt (or natural gray color chine), the two favorite materials of the young French publisher Metylos, who assembles his poetic creations and eco-designs. The prices for Mr. F ranges from ...
Crossdock Media Rack by Dick Van Hoff
May 08, 2012 / Dream Homes /
A walnut storage dedicated to paper journals, as well as a structure to recharge iPads or iPhones. Crossdock, with Dutch designer, Dick Van Hoff, plays on contrasts and combines tradition and modernity in one piece. The Crossdock Media Rack is a heartfelt creation which responds to changes in our lifestyles, where information is distilled in digital version and more complete traditional formats. This magazine rack and charger is available at a price of 345 euros.