SoundVision SV-1600: A 2.1 Home Theater Furniture
Jun 07, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  SoundVision is a brand that specializes in designing furniture with home theater built. The company recently unveiled its newest product: the SV-1600 which offers a 2.1 audio system. The SV-1600 consists of a wooden cabinet with a glossy finish PVC, and is available in black or white choice. It offers 1500 x 390 x 450mm dimensions and can accommodate a TV with a size of up to 60 inches. In the level of technology embedded in this piece, we find dock supports for iPhone and iPod ...
The Leaf House
May 24, 2012 / Dream Homes /
A giant umbrella as a roof to protect you from heat of the sun, spaces oriented specifically to allow the local sea breeze to cool the air, natural materials like bamboo, eucalyptus and local rocks. The management of rainwater for the garden, and openings everywhere on the surrounding nature, where there is a strong focus on the areas of community life. This is essentially a portrait of the Leaf House. The Leaf House is a green trend in architecture that blends into the area while meeting ...
The Tribal DDB Office in Amsterdam
May 23, 2012 / Dream Homes /
With Jaspar Jansen & Jeroen Dellensen, the duo of interior architects Dutch i29, the organization of work in open space takes a more humanistic turn and less anxiety. Their latest project for is dedicated to new offices of Tribal DDB, a digital marketing agency based in Amsterdam. The duo reveals an appealing approach: an alternately open space for creative interactions and for most intimate parts, materials and stylish furniture packaging is dedicated to the project. This project is an arrangement that breaks the usual codes of open space. ...
Decameron’s New Showroom in Sao Paulo
May 22, 2012 / Dream Homes /
For its new showroom in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Decameron Studio MK7's Mario Kogan, invested in one of the last open spaces in the main avenue dedicated to design for decorating the city. The reduced budget and the desire expressed by the customers to keep the trees on the ground led the studio to offer an open architecture based on an original mix of old containers and raised a large hangar. The resulting volumes and exposure was an atypical colorful place that is well worth the beautiful selection. ...
The Hotel du Ministère
May 21, 2012 / Dream Homes /
The Hotel du Ministère reopened last July after an overhaul signed by designer and interior architect, François Champsaur. The 24 rooms, all unique, investing volumes of the typical Parisian apartments. The open layout that is cozy and very contemporary, gives pride of wood and mineral notes with contrasting colors and patterns to deliberately accent the fifties. Along with imposing sculptures by Sebastien Kito and colored lithographs of David Lynch that greet the visitor at the entrance, you will be particularly sensitive to the Cloud lighting collection by Frank ...
Dynabyte offices in Stockholm by pS Arkitektur
May 20, 2012 / Dream Homes /
Open and generous volumes, predominantly white, colored keys, trompe l'oeil decoration and furniture design at all levels. We can clearly find this in the project by pS Arkitektur, the Swedish studio, who designed the Skype offices. The 100 employees are careful in planning the pace of work, especially the IT consulting firm. As a result, the offices were designed like a flexible cocoon that is friendly, warm and fun, ensuring the welfare and the efficiency in the organization of collective work.
The Paraty House of MK Studio 27
May 19, 2012 / Dream Homes /
The Paraty House of MK Studio 27 by Marcio Kogan is off the coast of Brazil. The Paraty House is presented in the form of two volumes with a minimalist feel and mineral, inserting itself gracefully into a lush and local environment. All turned to the ocean, the house is divided between a fully open first floor, which is dedicated to the kitchen and lounge. The second floor is dedicated to the bedrooms, whose facade is covered with retractable panels made of eucalyptus poles that is ...
Graux & Baeyens New Project
May 19, 2012 / Dream Homes /
This house of 70 years was inspired by local farmhouses. The aim was to provide more space and light, and the implementation of contemporary developments. Far from the total rehabilitation initially envisaged by the owners, the team of Graux & Baeyens architects, based in Gent in Belgium, worked on an extension, playing on contrasts between traditional and modern architecture. Four volumes defining new living spaces have been added (including a covered terrace houses), as well as completely redesigning the rear of the building. Inside, old and new ...
The House R by Christ Architects
May 18, 2012 / Dream Homes /
House R, is one of the last projects of Christ architects. House R is a house located in the heart of a residential area in the center of Karlsruhe in Germany. Built on 4 floors connected by an open staircase and an elevator, House R includes living rooms, a basement with swimming pool and an open space rooftop. The rooftop is structured as a loft with three sides open onto a terrace. Most of the construction is based on energy optimization through several additional facilities. Triple glazing ...
Leo Seowell’s Fun-Filled Art
May 17, 2012 / Dream Homes /
Leo Seowell has developed his own art and style over the last 50 years. His notable works are mostly composed by charming and cute plastic objects, woods and metals. Leo Seowell's art is being collected by museums, individuals and corporations all across the globe.