Living In and With Nature: A Tree House
Jun 27, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  This project by Robert Harvey Oshatz looks like a tree house. The building was built into a hillside, creating a wonderful architecture with its special connection with the surrounding nature. Wouldn't it be night to wake up with the winds hustling and the birds chirping? Definitely the perfect dream house in a tree.  
An Old Factory in Düsseldorf Transformed into a Loft
Jun 25, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  The architect, Bruno Erpicum, transformed the former warehouses of an old factory in Düsseldorf to a more spacious loft. The favorite would probably be the dining design, closely followed by the bathroom. The living area is wide and spacious, that is ideal for a large family.  
Bedroom Design: Ideas for the Wall
Jun 24, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  The Casa do Conto in Portugal knows how to make the guests comfortable. The bedroom design of bright shades of gray and white, with gold and brown accents will surely fit anyone's taste. The interior is really nice and classy. The highlight of it all is the decoration of the ceiling panels with texts. Definitely great!  
A House Tour in the Dutch Mountain
Jun 23, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  Mountains are well known in the Netherlands. The architecture in this Dutch mountain is amazing. The interior is even more exciting, as the it gives a warm feeling in the cold weather. This very original house was designed by the Dutch architectural firm, Denieuwegeneratie.
Living by the Sea: Swedish Interior Design Ideas
Jun 22, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  Architect Thomas Sandell designed this beautiful house on the island of Lidingö in Sweden. This dream home encompasses nearly 150 square meters and is situated right on the harbor. It is needles to say that there are nice views included. The decor is rather reduced, with the warm wood tone provides plenty of comfort. Truly an amazing job!    
The Stork Restaurant in Amsterdam
Jun 21, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  This restaurant is a big trend not only in Amsterdam, whose industrial buildings are no longer used. This has been redesigned as a new lifestyle center. This is the Stork coffee shop and restaurant in Amsterdam, designed by the architects of the cube. The architects preserved the charm of the old industrial building and the facility developed by Interior Shock was perfectly matched to the industrial character.  
The Geometric Chair by Ko-Ho
Jun 19, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  After several months of testing and research around this material, the Finnish duo of Ko-Ho, (Timo Hoisko & Matti Korpela) seems to have found a suitable and ideal composite material containing hemp fiber for reliable use of furniture. It now offers the Geometric chair, which is a very successful prototype unveiled on the last show in Milan. Tough, smart and stackable, the Geometric chair is constructed from hemp, which is particularly rough because of the climate. This furniture can also be fully recycled at the end ...
Ideas for Decorating Small spaces: A Mini-Home in Toronto
Jun 11, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  One of the problems shared by many is how to set up a small space cleverly, so that they look even more generous than they actually are. The LineBox studio in Toronto had to make a mini-house and put an end to these worries. Linebox studio have solved it by going through a very open design. The bedroom is in the design of the loft with a walk-in closet cage. Despite its very small floor area, the team was able to manage to give it a comfortable ...
Pitched Roof Ideas in an Apartment in Stockholm
Jun 10, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  This apartment in Stockholm is very beautiful with its sloping roofs and color motif. This apartment extends beyond two floors with a nice open loft. The color scheme is very uniform. It has a white motif with a beautiful tone with dark wood, that looks like walnut wood. The apartment gives a very warm and cozy ambiance. Check  out some of the images below:    
SoundVision SV-1600: A 2.1 Home Theater Furniture
Jun 07, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  SoundVision is a brand that specializes in designing furniture with home theater built. The company recently unveiled its newest product: the SV-1600 which offers a 2.1 audio system. The SV-1600 consists of a wooden cabinet with a glossy finish PVC, and is available in black or white choice. It offers 1500 x 390 x 450mm dimensions and can accommodate a TV with a size of up to 60 inches. In the level of technology embedded in this piece, we find dock supports for iPhone and iPod ...