House Tour: A House in Croatia
Jul 11, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  This house, designed by the architect, DAR612, is called "Our House". "Our House" is a family house with 3 residential units with a total area of ​​400m², and located in Croatia. In the apartments, the transitions of the individual residential areas were designed flowing, and there are doors only when absolutely necessary. The decor is minimalist, but very homely. The color combinations with lots of white and gray tones with a warm wood tone to contrast with the concrete, give the home a timeless character. Well ...
Nice Find: Field of Belgium
Jul 07, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  This dressing room with a piano concept is by the Belgian designer, Patrick Seha. In the furniture, there is a lot of wood panels next to each other, as well as about each other. The panels can be pulled down to hang bags or jackets to it. The designer has more to offer like products that are characterized by a clear no-nonsense design with fun details, such as the ceiling, Monarchy stool, or the chair of the Fence Collection.
Furnishing Ideas: A House in Vedbæk
Jul 05, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  Vedbæk only a few kilometers from Copenhagen that is situated on the coast. There, a young family in an old fisherman's house from 1860, found a new home to incorporate all their ideas. The minimalist decor was designed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, CEO of Standard Architects, who happens to be the best friend of the head of the family. The house was gutted and many small rooms were transformed to larger ones, creating more open spaces. The white tone help bring more openness and space in the rooms. ...
Ideas for a Perfect Bathroom
Jul 04, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  For most of us, creating the perfect bathroom is to apply some tricks to save space in the area we already have. Also, the bathroom is one of the keys to adding value to the property. Products like corner sinks, and toilets against the wall and which are hung on the wall, makes the most of available space. A good toilet can be a good focal point in the room and gives a touch of style. One of the key elements that must be taken into ...
The Shelter, Shanghai’s Underground Charm
Jul 03, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  The Shelter is one of the most popular of the Shanghai underground. This room is used for music and fun. The Chinese government has built these shelters during the years 1960 and 1970 because of the fear of air raids by the Soviet Union. In Shanghai Xuhui District, an estimated 2,000 of these shelters are tucked under the old and new commercial buildings. After the end of tensions with the Soviet Union, the government has leased the shelters as vegetable markets or massage parlors. Many were lost ...
The Solar Floating Resort
Jul 02, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  The Solar Floating Resort is a vision of the future proposed by designer, Michael Puzzolante. The project is based on a floating resort concept, that is self-sufficient and non-polluting. The structure is covered entirely by a photovoltaic skin which allows the complex to generate enough energy. The Solar Floating Resort project applies technical systems and materials that are used in the production of motor vehicles and vessels. The Solar Floating Resort was also called a "waking dream".This project is interesting because the whole concept revolves around ...
The Italian Charm
Jul 01, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  This house is the epitome of Italian charm. This house in Brescia has reduced body color that ranges from white to chocolate to black and a host of really nice details, such as the old sideboard in the dining room or the unusual side table in the dining room. The house was designed by Studio Rodighiero.
Barbara Hill Design: Minimalism in Texas
Jun 30, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  Barbara Hill is a Texas designer and gallery owner. She herself lives in a converted dance hall, and probably has a soft spot for minimalist designs in generously proportioned rooms. As in this case, Hill designed the "Marfa House" in Texas, a house with minimalist design.
The 100 Year Old Town House
Jun 29, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  The architects of Dubbeldam from Toronto renovated a house that is over 100 years old. The architects renovated the town house's behind and kept the front remained completely the same. Behind the house was a narrow path and high cultivation, which provides plenty of light in the old building. The decor is simple with warm wood tones. The open kitchen with breakfast bar connects directly to the terrace with a large glass door.  
The Core House
Jun 28, 2012 / Dream Homes /
  The 50 sq m for a whole house is difficult to design, due to its small area. The architect, Nonya Grenader, solves this problem in the so-called "core house", that only has 46 m2 of area. In this block, there are water and electrical lines. Despite the small space, the architect managed to create and functional areas such as kitchen, dining room and living room.