4 Plants For Apartment Life
Feb 09, 2018 / Home /
Just because you live in an apartment, in the urban jungle, does not mean you cannot engage in gardening. You can have nice green space within your apartment so long as you choose your plants and flowers carefully. Curious about your options? Here are four plants ideal for apartment life. Peace Lilies The lily, with its wide range of specific species, is the perfect addition to an outdoor garden. The good news? You can bring this beauty inside with the peace lily, which is a hardier form ...
4 Storage Tips For Small Spaces
Feb 02, 2018 / Home /
Everyone needs to store some things in their home. Sometimes it will be a lot of stuff, and sometimes it will only be a littler. The need for storage does not change depending on the size of your space—you still need to take care of your possessions! With a small space, however, it can be harder to find storage space—everything else is limited! Here are some tips to help store everything you own in a small space: Under The Bed You need a bed in your home, ...
3 Creative Uses For Wallpaper
Jan 26, 2018 / Interior Decoration /
When most people think of wallpaper, they think of it as a way to design their walls instead of using any paint. This results in many old-school patterned walls in the home. However, there is more than one way to use wallpaper in your home than simply slathering it on every single wall around. Here are three creative uses to get you started: Line Bookcases and Drawers Use some patterned wallpaper matching the scheme in your room and line either the back of your bookcase or the ...
3 Tips For Designing Outdoor Spaces
Jan 19, 2018 / Home, Interior Design /
Design is not just limited to the inside of your home. Many people who have access to a backyard love to design spaces out there. It can be, after all, a great place to entertain family and friends in the warmer months (e.g. a backyard barbeque or watching fireworks). Without walls, however, some people find designing outdoor spaces a little bit more difficult to handle, simply because of the different type of space than what they might be used to. Here are three key tips ...
4 Tips For Managing Interior Design Projects
Jan 12, 2018 / Interior Design /
Are you planning to make changes to your home’s interior design? Are you designing your home for the first time? Interior design projects can be a lot of fun, both in a mathematical as well as in a creative sense. However, it is also very easy for an interior design project to get out of hand in many ways, especially if you are trying to manage multiple interior design projects at the same time. The good news is that with a little care, you can ...
Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration
For the most part, the terms interior design and interior decoration are used interchangeably. Many people use part of one when they describe the other as well. However, despite this supposed overlap, interior design and decoration are actually two different things. Unsure about what the actual difference is? The good news is we are here to help clarify everything for you. Enhance The Function Interior design refers to the function of each room within a home, office space, et cetera. An interior designer’s goal is to enhance ...
Top 3 Interior Decorating Tips
Dec 29, 2017 / Interior Decoration /
Are you ready to decorate your place for the first time? In need of an interior decoration overhaul? You have come to the right place! With all the control in your hands, along with the vast array of choices in front of you, interior decorating can become overwhelming at times. To help you get started, here are three key interior decorating tips to keep in mind from beginning to end. Watch The Picture Hanging Did you know the vast majority of people hang their pictures and other ...
3 Cozy Interior Decorating Tips
Dec 22, 2017 / Interior Decoration /
In the colder months, cozy interior design is more important than ever. With the bitter weather outside snapping against your face, making your fingers and toes icicles, and the fact you can see your breath in the air, no one really wants to hang out in a home that also seems stilted and cold. You need the warmth, both in the actual temperature as well as the feel of the room. So what should you do if your space isn’t already a cozy one? Here are ...
3 Winter Holiday Decorating Tips
Dec 15, 2017 / Interior Decoration /
Decorating the home for the holidays is something almost everyone will enjoy, though the specific decorations and themes will vary based on the holiday being celebrated. For the purposes of this article, we will be focusing on holidays around the winter season, which we are in the middle of right now. So, without further ado, here are three winter holiday decorating tips: Lights and Candles Christmas lights, otherwise referred to as fairy lights, are a great way to add not just light to your space, but also ...
Interior Design To Become A Morning Person
Dec 08, 2017 / Interior Design /
Do you enjoy sleeping in, but need to get up early in the morning now? This can be a difficult thing to do for many people—some are simply not built to be awake too early in the morning. In fact, there are some people who may not even be able to eat for a little while after they wake up early, lest they risk feeling ill. Regardless of why you want to wake up early in the morning, we have the best tips to help you ...