Nice shelves for a tidy desk!
Oct 23, 2012 // Furniture, Interior Design //

The corner office in the house is small, it must be resourceful to keep it tidy! Between papers, magazines, books and office supplies, it is useful to add a few shelves above the screen in order to cram everything!

And to make them as aesthetic practices, discover some tips below in pictures!

1. Think big!
Feel free to add as many shelves as your wall above and around the office you can! Do not hesitate to put ceiling! It was always something to store! Indeed, in terms of storage, it is better too much than not enough! Visually, it defines the office enlarging.

2. Arrange your books by color
To energize the room, giving the impression of a place tidy and ready to welcome you for a session of hard work, organize your books by color and place them to remember the color wheel! D This way you exacerbez your creativity!

3. Promote the accumulation
Decoration, the accumulation is very trendy! This gives a sense of organization. And it is precisely ec that you want to give in an office. Do not hesitate to place multiple magazine ranks side by side, creating a beautiful bouquet of vases in shades of colors consistent with those of your room, have candles of different sizes for cosiness and nature necessary for any efficient workspace!

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