Microbial Home: An idea of ​​the ecological kitchen of tomorrow by Philips Design
Apr 15, 2012 // Dream Homes //

Research projects around a kitchen greener have increased in recent years. We remember of course the Ekokook of Faltazi, the Biosphere Home of Farmer Philips and more recently, Project Shelved Cooking of Unqui, winner of the 2011 Emile Hermès.

Microbial Home, the latest in the series devoted to prospective Probes projects, Philips Design shows the kitchen of the future. He plans for it to be a global ecosystem where the economy and recycling of resources are required. His idea includes waste converted to methane to be reused in the house system, water recycling, gardening, and a pantry with ceramic natural supplement on the fridge unit to recycle plastic.

This is an innovative project that poses perhaps some basics of cooking for the future.

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