Keeping the Peace: Apartment Noise Etiquette
Jun 13, 2017 // Other //

Everyone in an apartment building realizes that they are in a shared space. However, it is possible for your life to become so insular that you forget about the rights of others. Every community has its noise by-laws to adhere to, but it doesn’t hurt to display some common courtesy toward the neighbors on your floor (and above and below it, for that matter).

Most people keep similar hours, particularly during the week. Avoid making excess noise before 7AM and after 11PM. If you are planning a party and know that it will go past 11PM and be rather noisy, try to contact all of the neighbors in close proximity to your unit and make sure that you have their OK. If one or more say no, they have that right, so respect it and either change the start and end time of the party or make sure that any major noise has ceased by 11PM.

If your neighbor is causing noise problems, try to address the issue with them politely. Banging on their door and yelling is guaranteed to make them angry and defensive, and this is probably not the best way to achieve your aims. Offer a compromise, instead. For example, ask if they could confine certain noisy activities to particular parts of the day and you will be happy to do the same.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to them in person, you also have the option of leaving a note. Keep a copy of that note and any you receive from them as a way of documenting the issue. This demonstrates that you reached out to resolve the problem.

Treat your neighbors the way you would wish to be treated. However, if things do not work out using the polite approach, take the next step and ask your property manager to address the situation. It is important to stand up for your rights, so don’t be afraid to seek assistance with the issue.



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