Interior Design To Become A Morning Person
Dec 08, 2017 // Interior Design //

Do you enjoy sleeping in, but need to get up early in the morning now? This can be a difficult thing to do for many people—some are simply not built to be awake too early in the morning. In fact, there are some people who may not even be able to eat for a little while after they wake up early, lest they risk feeling ill.

Regardless of why you want to wake up early in the morning, we have the best tips to help you become a morning person through your interior design. Don’t believe us? Just read:

Natural Lighting

The natural light of the rising sun works to not only brighten your room, but also to help your body realize it is time to get out of bed. We advise either keeping your curtains open at night so when the sun does rise it can filter in, or to invest in motorized blinds you can run on a timer and will thus open automatically in morning.

Let In The Light Colours

Brightening your room is essential to helping yourself get out of your bed earlier in the morning. In addition to letting more natural light, choose a lighter colour of paint for the walls of your bedroom. This helps boost the power of the natural light even more in the mornings—just imagine the sun filtering into a pale yellow room!

Space For Morning Activities

What do you like to do in the mornings? Do you need to do certain things? Including some space for these things wherever possible is a great way of tempting yourself out of bed. This includes designing spaces to have a coffee nook, a place to sit and read, a window seat to eat breakfast on and observe the world outside, et cetera. Consider if anything would fit your personality and go for it!


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