Ideas for a Perfect Bathroom
Jul 04, 2012 // Dream Homes //


For most of us, creating the perfect bathroom is to apply some tricks to save space in the area we already have. Also, the bathroom is one of the keys to adding value to the property. Products like corner sinks, and toilets against the wall and which are hung on the wall, makes the most of available space. A good toilet can be a good focal point in the room and gives a touch of style.

One of the key elements that must be taken into account in a bathroom is storage. There are always many things stored in it and be much more attractive if it is full of bottles and plastic tubes. If we put the toilet against a wall, we can put up shelves. Another option is to put a cupboard under the sink, and if we can embed the cabinet to the wall. It will offer a more aerodynamic with a large storage capacity. If we can not put a door in the shower and we are forced to place a curtain, choose one that is made ​​from a fabric mold. The lighting is also very important in the bath.

Here are 7 other tips and ideas that you can incorporate in your bathroom:

  •  Use a mirror that is not tarnished
  • Put some entertainment radio, television
  • Choose a large shower head
  • Place taps in the middle of the tub to have a sense of spa
  • Open a skylight, if possible, to have more light and sense of space, otherwise, use halogen spots that mimic natural light
  • Putting a shower instead of bath tub provides more space
  • Use of good quality towels

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