How To Make Your Room Look Bigger
Nov 10, 2017 // Interior Design //

When you are working with a small space, both during the interior design process and afterwards, things can get quite cramped. The good news, however, is that you can create illusions in your home to make it seem as if a particular space is quite a bit bigger than it is in reality. Curious about how to go about doing this? We have a good selection of tips to help your space become larger:

Picking Paint Wisely

Your choice of paint colour is integral in how big or small your room will look when everything is completed. For the most part, you want to pick lighter colours to open up the space. Prime examples include light sky blue and pale yellow. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. You can employ an accent wall, where three of the four walls are a light colour and the fourth is something darker (often in the same colour family). You may also have a slightly darker colour on the walls an create the illusion of a high ceiling by painting it quite light.

Art of Contrast

Contrast plays two significant roles when it comes to interior design. The first, of course, is to draw eyes towards a particular point in the room. The second, though it may surprise you, is to make the room appear larger than it truly is. The contrast can play out in a few different ways, including dark to light contrast, as well as from colours on the opposite sides of the colour wheel (e.g. orange and blue).

Let There Be Light

When you want a room to appear bigger, harness the power of natural light. Keeping the curtains open during the day will let it filter in as much as possible. You may also wish to keep the doors open, so as to avoid closing off the room from the rest of your home.

Throw It All Away

How much clutter is in your room? Your home? The more clutter around, the smaller your space is going to appear. Take time to go through everything you have. Throw out the inessential first. Then, make sure you organize what is left well so you do not have anything strewn about. This can make the world of difference in terms of making your room appear bigger.

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