How to make the most of compromising on your dream home
Jun 26, 2013 // Dream Homes //

Sometimes, the perfect house isn’t what you had in mind; the garden might be smaller than you’d previously thought you’d like it to be and the property might be missing the downstairs toilet you imagined you’d always wanted, but you might be happy to sacrifice these features if you have the gut feeling that the property really has potential as your dream home.

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House buyers often make sacrifices when looking at properties, as you might suddenly spot the potential in a property that is quite different from what you first thought you’d look for. Read on to find out more about the main compromises made by buyers.

Compromise on the garden

Recent studies have shown that house buyers are quick to forfeit the size of the garden if a property really catches their eye but the outdoor space doesn’t quite measure up. Findings by property services firm Move with Us highlighted that 40 per cent of property buyers compromise on the size of the garden when house hunting, however, there is still plenty to be done with a smaller outdoors area than you’d envisioned.

Less garden space means less maintenance, while a patio rather than a lawn can also reduce how much time you need to spend working outside, but give you more chance to relax outdoors instead. You could invest in pretty, bright pots, a table and chair set and a barbecue for summer, or even remove paving slabs and create a lawned area with borders and a vegetable patch.

Compromise on the downstairs loo

A second toilet is always a bonus when buying a property, and a downstairs lavatory is useful if you have young children or household members who struggle with the stairs. Despite the extra convenience a downstairs toilet can bring, a third of house buyers hoping for a second WC are willing to forfeit the feature, the research has shown.

If you could potentially get a house you really like at a great price, compromising on the downstairs toilet might be a good idea, as you could always add your own second loo once you’re in the property.

Check to see whether there’s room under the stairs for a lavatory to be installed, or you can perhaps convert another area of the house, such as a utility room or a part of the garage if you plan to use it for storage rather than for parking your car. Enlist the services of plumbers and electricians in London or your area and they should be able to give you a quote for the work.

Compromise on the location

Another compromise often made by property buyers is the location of the house. You might have your heart set on moving to a quaint village or a bustling city centre, but often the prices could simply be too steep. Outskirts might be a better bet if you can’t blow your budget, but you will need to research the local amenities to make sure you’ll be comfortable where you are.

You could find, for instance, that the central property you had hoped for is out of your reach financially, but that the cheaper one on the outskirts of town is close to a good school and a supermarket, or a clutch of trendy bars. Just over 15 per cent of house hunters were found to compromise on location when looking for the ideal property.


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