How to Make Apartments Safe for Senior Citizens
Jun 20, 2017 // Other //

As we age, our mobility is often negatively affected. That means everyday tasks in everyday environments become more and more challenging. While it was often common for people to stay in the family home all of their lives, such arrangements were contingent on younger generations providing care for their aging relatives. Nowadays, it is extremely rare for adults to live with their elderly parents. Even when they do, it is often for financial reasons, which means that the children are away working for most of the day.

Many seniors nowadays find that their homes are too big and decide to downsize into apartments or condos. However, as time passes, they can become afflicted by conditions that make it tough to get around. Surveys show that the vast majority of people would rather age at home than in a senior’s care facility, so the answer is to take steps that make the home safer for elderly residents to get around. This will prove to be especially true in the years to come as the Baby Boomer generation ages and already inadequate seniors’ facilities become even more stretched beyond capacity.

Here are some suggestions on how you can make apartments safer for seniors:

  • Falls are one of the main dangers elderly people face. You can reduce the possibility of such accidents by removing area rugs, keeping pathways free of obstacles, and replacing tubs with walk-in/showers or tubs. It is also a good idea to encourage residents or caregivers to get in the habit of picking up anything that falls on the floor and could lead to tripping or slipping.
  • Grab bars and bath chairs are very helpful in regular bathtubs/showers.  The grab bars can also be installed beside toilets. Depending on the resident’s mobility needs, a raised toilet seat and toilet safety bars will further decrease the possibility of bathtub accidents.
  • Replace current phones with ones designed for seniors. These have more basic functions and larger buttons and displays. Pre-program in important numbers, such as 9-11, and make sure the user knows how to activate them.


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