How to Deal With Your Neighbor’s Barking Dog
Jul 24, 2017 // Other //

We all try to peacefully co-exist with our neighbors, whether we live in a house or an apartment. If you happen to make a bit of noise outside of regular hours, it is entirely forgivable when your neighbor does the same. Give and take, and simple diplomacy usually leads to a happy living experience.

This falls apart when one neighbor creates noise on a prolonged, and even daily, basis. One of the main causes of such a disturbance is barking dogs. Some canines are just naturally boisterous, while others may be barking excessively because they are anxious or have fear of abandonment.

A friend in an apartment recently went through this issue. A new neighbor got a puppy that would bark endlessly when left alone. It created a very awkward situation as he works from home. After tolerating the situation for a few days, he spoke up in a friendly fashion. The neighbor was sympathetic and said she would work on teaching the dog to be quiet.

However, the problem continued and he brought the issue up again. The neighbor made the same promise, but there was no change. Eventually, he filed a complaint with the city. The problem eventually resolved itself; instead of barking, the puppy started scratching the door and baseboards of the apartment. Not a good situation either, but not as intolerable for my friend.

It’s always unfortunate when things reach a stage where complaints are filed. Such a situation can often forever tarnish the relationship you have with that person, making it very awkward to be in such close proximity. However, it is important to stand up for your rights. My friend was lucky in that the problem was rectified without a great deal of grief, though it might well have continued for an extended period had the dog not changed behavior on its own.

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