How to Deal with a Troublesome Roommate
Jun 15, 2017 // Other //

You may have heard the old saying, “You can’t choose your relatives.” Well, you can’t always choose your roommates either. Sometimes we are forced to share space with people who are not at all like is. Or you might find a roommate who seems fine at first, but soon changes and ends up driving you crazy.

If you find yourself in such a situation, and cannot easily move, there are still a number of things you can try.

  1. Don’t Let Problems Build. If any issue arises, you are better off sitting down and talking it over sooner than later. If problems are left alone for too long, they can snowball and become major situations that have you at each other’s throats.
  2. Establish That You Need Privacy. Yes, you share the same space, but you should each have your own lives. If your roommate won’t leave you alone or respect your privacy, try to find out why. It may be that this person does not have any hobbies or anyone else in their life and is relying on you to fill a void. Unless you are partners or close friends, that is not your responsibility. At the very least, ask him or her to give you some space a few times per week.
  3. They May Not Use Your Things Without Permission. People cohabiting will inevitably share things like dishes and cups, but it is not a per-requisite that you use each other’s clothes or other personal items. Lay down the law early on.
  4. They Must Be Reasonable About Noise. Maybe you work or study at different times and do not keep similar work or sleeping hours. This is unfortunate as it can prove to be a major strain. Ask your roommate to do their best to let you get your necessary quiet time. If this can’t be worked out, it could prove to be a deal-breaker.
  5. Messes Must Be Dealt With. Ever see The Odd Couple? Felix and Oscar didn’t see eye to eye on how clean their apartment should be and that created a lot of friction. You don’t have to be completely on the same page when it comes to obsessive cleanliness (or lack thereof), but you need to seek out a happy medium. Otherwise, you could end up with this…

Yes, this is grounds for kicking out your roommate

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