How to create a safe room
Feb 08, 2013 // Architecture //

We all should have the right to feel safe and protected in our homes, but there can be circumstances (be it a natural disaster or threats from criminals) beyond your control where this does not prove to be the case. In such instances, it is a good idea to have a safe room that you can access.

safe room

As you may have figured out from the name, this is a secure part of a home where an owner retreat to in the event of a break-in or some other kind of crisis and summon help. Also known as panic rooms, these facilities have grown in popularity in recent years among celebrities, heads of states and company executives who live in high net worth properties and own expensive possessions, and it is certainly worth thinking about creating one in your own home.

So, if you want to establish a safe room in your house, where do you start? First of all, you need to select a location and, whether you are looking to convert an existing room into a panic space or create one from scratch, you need to ensure it will be big enough to accommodate everyone in your household.

A safe room should never be somewhere where there is a window or skylight, as this can increase the chances of a burglar or terrorist being able to break into it. Wherever you choose, the room ought to be situated in a place that you and your family can quickly reach in case of an emergency. Once a panic room is in place, it’s worth running practice sessions with other members of the household so everyone knows how to access it.

Given the need for this room to be highly secure (not just in case of a robbery, but also to protect you during environmental disasters like hurricanes and extreme storms), it will require a much thicker door than those found in other parts of the home.

A solid core wood or steel door will provide a good standard of security, while a reinforced doorframe and heavy-duty locks ought to make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a criminal to break in.

Once the room has been built, it should be kitted out with everything you need to stay safe. This means you should have a torch and first aid kit here, as well as a mobile phone that enables you to call the emergency services.

Remember that you may end up being inside a safe room for a substantial period of time, so you should make sure there is a significant amount of food and water to sustain you until it is safe to come out again. It also might be an idea to have good-quality lighting, spare clothing and a portable camping toilet, so everyone in the room can stay comfortable.

While a panic room can definitely provide you with much needed personal protection in the event of a robbery, it generally should only be used in times of great emergency.

Consequently, you also need to consider measures such asĀ investing in a high net worth home insurance policy, setting up CCTV and installing a comprehensive network of alarms in order to provide a more comprehensive level of security.

What steps are you taking to make your home secure? If you’re thinking of creating a safe room or already have one in place, we would like to hear from you, so please a leave a comment below.

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