Home Technology 2013: Is it Too Much?
Oct 29, 2013 // Dream Homes //

appforhometechYes, we all are obsessed with the latest and greatest new piece of technology. I’m ashamed of saying it .. but I’m obsessed. We spend hundreds of dollars on products and services that give us added convenience, or they make something faster, simpler, cheaper…. the value is endless. The new trend is home technology, with the latest and greatest home tech tools of 2013, you no longer need to anything for yourself, ever again. 😉

Feel free to tell me if you disagree with anything, or if there is something that I missed. Further down the article I will discuss a few of the pros and cons with automating your home electronics.

Here are my top tools of 2013 ….

  1. Easily Control your Room Temperature with Nest
  2. Automate devices in your household using Zonoff’s Platform
  3. Vivint control the security of your home from anywhere
  4. The Ultimate Home Theatre system is made by Creston
  5. Control4 lets you control any audio system through one remote
  6. Savant lets you automate the use of any home electronics, even lighting
  7. Full Home Automation is provided to you by AMX Home Automation

Automation of some of the most basic, but regular tasks we do in the home is super cool. Companies that pull these technologies off will seemingly make our lives a lot easier. But from my experience, there’s a point when it is too much and hence my sarcastic comment above that we will never need to lift a finger again lol.

I have found that as technology grows and as we want more and more thing, we start to lose sight of what we have. We start to get lazy, we start to forget how to do something for ourselves… we start to forget the basic skills our parents taught us.

These things are scary to me. Call me old school but I can’t imagine not knowing how to turn on my home theater system, dim the lights or feel too lazy to walk upstairs to tell my kids its dinnertime. I think there’s a point when technology becomes so advanced that we forget how to live for ourselves. That’s not to say that I don’t think these things are awesome.

Have you ever felt this way?

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