Gumhook, pretty hook Pa J-shaped design
Oct 16, 2012 // Furniture //

This hook design is not design. Finally, if it is design, but it is signed by Pa Design. Nuance. In any case, one thing is certain, design or Pa Design, this hook-shaped flexible J is really fun and original form with a letter of the alphabet. More importantly, this colorful peg takes care of your clothes because it molded silicone, which makes it very flexible and very soft fabrics for your favorites.

A cheap and original design, what more?

Adopt J style home with this beautiful hook shaped like the letter J, which does not lack originality, or color that will not ruin you, since costs little more than a large McDonald’s menu. In addition to your clothes will thank you (if you have clothes that speak of course).

From the time I was looking for a hook design AND cheap, I think I finally found my happiness with this silicone Gumhook Pa Design.

Learn more about the peg Gumhook
Designer: Gaku Otomo
Brand: Pa design
Price: 12 euros at Made in Design

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