Four Qualities You Really Need in an Apartment
Jun 22, 2017 // Interior Design //

Many people view apartments as way stops on the road to buying a home. However, even if that is true, there is no reason that the “home of the moment” cannot reflect your tastes and meet your needs.

Are you in the market for an apartment? Here are four qualities to watch for in your search:

  • What is the building’s reputation? Just as you would not want to venture into a part of town that is dangerous, do some homework to find out whether your new home has a reputation. Things to watch out for include criminal activity, drug use, noise, parties, quarreling neighbours, vandalism, and the general atmosphere of the neighbourhood.
  • Maintenance. What condition is the building in? Sure, the lobby might look nice and they may have given the hallways new carpets and a fresh coat of paint. However, all of that artifice may just be dressing up an old building with rotten infrastructure. Be sure to try everything in the unit to make sure that it works. Does the elevator feel safe? Does it line up with the floor when the door opens? Don’t be afraid to ask other people in the building for their opinion.
  • Is the property manager someone you feel comfortable dealing with? Do they seem experienced and knowledgeable? Are they articulate and do they readily answer questions? Do they seem on the ball when it comes to general building maintenance, posting of notices, etc? Does the manager run multiple buildings? If so, do they seem organized enough to handle that workload?
  • How is the parking? Some buildings may look absolutely perfect…until you find out that there is no parking spot included. Renting one on your own can cost quite a bit of extra money, which negates choosing that building. Is there an underground spot? If so, how much extra will that add to your rent? If the spot is outdoors, is the lot properly maintained, especially in winter?

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