Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration

For the most part, the terms interior design and interior decoration are used interchangeably. Many people use part of one when they describe the other as well. However, despite this supposed overlap, interior design and decoration are actually two different things. Unsure about what the actual difference is? The good news is we are here to help clarify everything for you.

Enhance The Function

Interior design refers to the function of each room within a home, office space, et cetera. An interior designer’s goal is to enhance the overall function. A prime example of this is an open concept design from the kitchen to the living room, so a mother or father can keep an eye on the children while they cook dinner. It may mean strategically placing walls or windows in order to increase privacy in a particular space, and picking out the appropriate lighting for each room, varying based on the individual’s requirements for each space. Interior designers begin their work with the architects and construction works during the building process of the home, office, et cetera.

Enhance The Appearance

If something related to the appearance of the room is integral for its function (e.g. a specific arrangement of furniture), interior design does bleed over into interior decoration. However, the overall difference is that interior decoration simply enhances the appearance of the room. This refers to things such as the colour of paint on the walls, the colour of wood or metal for the coffee table, the upholstery on the couch, et cetera. Interior decorators come into play when the house is build and they simply need to add furniture, trinkets, sheets, et cetera to complete the space.

To put everything simply, interior design enhances the function of the space, and interior decoration enhances its visual appearance. While you can have interior design involved in interior decoration, you tend not to have the reverse.

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