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How to Deal With Your Neighbor’s Barking Dog
Jul 24, 2017 / Other /
We all try to peacefully co-exist with our neighbors, whether we live in a house or an apartment. If you happen to make a bit of noise outside of regular hours, it is entirely forgivable when your neighbor does the same. Give and take, and simple diplomacy usually leads to a happy living experience. This falls apart when one neighbor creates noise on a prolonged, and even daily, basis. One of the main causes of such a disturbance is barking dogs. Some canines are just naturally ...
What are the Best Ways to Pack Up for a Move?
Jul 18, 2017 / Other /
We all have to do it sooner or later. Some of us will do it several times in our lives, while others do it a least once a year. Moving can be quite challenging from a logistical standpoint, so why not use a little advance planning to make it easier to pull off? Here are some tips on the best ways to pack up for a move: De-clutter with a Vengeance Have you ever ended up moving things that you meant to get rid of? This is one ...
4 Smart Gadgets for Pets (that are Actually Useful)
Jul 17, 2017 / Other /
So you’re planning on welcoming a new furry friend into your home. Do you have everything you need? Better go over your checklist again. There’s the collar, food, toys, bedding…oh, and don’t forget to install that app on your phone. Smart home technology has expanded into just about every area of the house, from the bathroom to the backyard. That includes an entire market of smart tech tailored to prudent (or obsessive) pet owners. Pet tech ranges from the mundane (like smart collars) to the absurd (like ...
Downsizing to an Apartment
Jul 05, 2017 / Other /
Apartments tend to be way stops. Most of us do not spend many years of our lives living in apartments. When you are away from home, finished school, and on your first job, you often live in an apartment. However, you eventually reach a place in your career where you can put some money aside. At that point, it makes better economic sense to buy a house or condo, rather than continuing to pay rent. However, there also comes a time for many when a house ...
Do You Like Inspirational Quotes? Here are Some of My Favourites
Jun 23, 2017 / Other /
Some people consider inspirational quotes silly, but I really think they have a power to influence to help us strive harder and achieve more. Here are a few of my favourite; feel free to share some of yours in the comments. “Do one thing every day that scares you.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” ― Maya Angelou "I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse." –Florence Nightingale “You need to ...
How to Make Apartments Safe for Senior Citizens
Jun 20, 2017 / Other /
As we age, our mobility is often negatively affected. That means everyday tasks in everyday environments become more and more challenging. While it was often common for people to stay in the family home all of their lives, such arrangements were contingent on younger generations providing care for their aging relatives. Nowadays, it is extremely rare for adults to live with their elderly parents. Even when they do, it is often for financial reasons, which means that the children are away working for most of ...
How Safe is Your Apartment Building?
Jun 19, 2017 / Other /
The Grenfell Tower fire in London is a horrible tragedy that has shocked people around the world. As of this writing, the death toll is at 79 and likely to rise. The official investigation is just getting underway, but preliminary reports state that the building did not have a sprinkler system. Questions have also been raised as to the quality of some of the building materials, with accusations of government cost-cutting resulting in low-grade substitutions possibly contributing to the way in which the blaze spread ...
How to Deal with a Troublesome Roommate
Jun 15, 2017 / Other /
You may have heard the old saying, "You can't choose your relatives." Well, you can't always choose your roommates either. Sometimes we are forced to share space with people who are not at all like is. Or you might find a roommate who seems fine at first, but soon changes and ends up driving you crazy. If you find yourself in such a situation, and cannot easily move, there are still a number of things you can try. Don't Let Problems Build. If any issue arises, ...
Keeping the Peace: Apartment Noise Etiquette
Jun 13, 2017 / Other /
Everyone in an apartment building realizes that they are in a shared space. However, it is possible for your life to become so insular that you forget about the rights of others. Every community has its noise by-laws to adhere to, but it doesn't hurt to display some common courtesy toward the neighbors on your floor (and above and below it, for that matter). Most people keep similar hours, particularly during the week. Avoid making excess noise before 7AM and after 11PM. If you are planning ...
’tis the Season to De-clutter Your Apartment
Jun 09, 2017 / Other /
What is that you say? Spring cleaning season is over? Well, sort of. Yes, we are now in June, so summer is imminent, but it is never too late to clean your apartment. Do you find yourself stepping over boxes? Are your closets over flowing with clothes?  Are your kitchen cupboards filled with expired food? Answering yes on any of these? Well, then it is time to hunker down and get cleaning. Having a large of number of things can lead to much accumulation of dust ...