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4 Ways To Customize A Rented Apartment
Feb 23, 2018 / Home /
While everyone who owns their own home has complete control over the decoration and design, right down to where the walls are and what colour they are, this is not the case with many rented apartments. Landlords often put a number of restrictions, since they know people can be in and out and what some might find amazing in terms of interior decoration others may not, and they do not want to deal with having to revert everything to something neutral every time a tenant ...
4 Dorm Room Organization Tips
Feb 16, 2018 / Home /
Moving into residence at your university is certainly an exciting time in life. It can also be scary if this will be your first time properly away from home. But if you can take a deep breath, even just preparing for your move can be exhilarating. Make sure your room is well-organized with these dorm room organization tips: Mattress and Door Caddies You may not have a lot of space in your room, which means hanging organization is key. One of the most popular examples is a ...
4 Plants For Apartment Life
Feb 09, 2018 / Home /
Just because you live in an apartment, in the urban jungle, does not mean you cannot engage in gardening. You can have nice green space within your apartment so long as you choose your plants and flowers carefully. Curious about your options? Here are four plants ideal for apartment life. Peace Lilies The lily, with its wide range of specific species, is the perfect addition to an outdoor garden. The good news? You can bring this beauty inside with the peace lily, which is a hardier form ...
4 Storage Tips For Small Spaces
Feb 02, 2018 / Home /
Everyone needs to store some things in their home. Sometimes it will be a lot of stuff, and sometimes it will only be a littler. The need for storage does not change depending on the size of your space—you still need to take care of your possessions! With a small space, however, it can be harder to find storage space—everything else is limited! Here are some tips to help store everything you own in a small space: Under The Bed You need a bed in your home, ...
3 Tips For Designing Outdoor Spaces
Jan 19, 2018 / Home, Interior Design /
Design is not just limited to the inside of your home. Many people who have access to a backyard love to design spaces out there. It can be, after all, a great place to entertain family and friends in the warmer months (e.g. a backyard barbeque or watching fireworks). Without walls, however, some people find designing outdoor spaces a little bit more difficult to handle, simply because of the different type of space than what they might be used to. Here are three key tips ...
4 Tips For Hanging Pictures
Nov 24, 2017 / Home, Interior Design /
Artwork, whether a photograph or a canvas painting, is an integral part of any home. It speaks volumes about those who live there, even if it is largely absent. The choice of what to hang up is, obviously, solely your discretion. With that said, you want to ensure everything you do hang is level. You want to ensure things are pleasing to the eye when people look, even in placement. To that end, here are some key tips for handing pictures and paintings in your ...
Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space
Oct 13, 2017 / Home /
Every so often, an individual will look around their home and feel a little bored. But for one reason or another, they may not be able to do a completely overhaul or move to a new place. So what is left for them? You might be surprised at how easily you can spruce up your living space! Here are some quick tips to get you started: Wall Art Are you walls bare? Are you bored of the pictures on them? Changing the wall art or putting some ...
3 Home Organization Tips
Sep 29, 2017 / Home /
Do you want to come home to a clean house? Want to live in a place where you can find everything you need without too much effort? If you want this, you will have to practice excellent home organization. You need to develop a plan and implement it. You have to maintain it!  Here are some home organization tips to help get you started: Baskets and Bins Sometimes your closet, cupboards, and drawers can get chaotic. Even if you have specific drawers for things, it can often ...