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3 Tips For Natural Cleaning
Sep 07, 2018 / Home /
Living in a clean home is a great feeling. Everything is organized, you don’t have to deal with flies…life is good! But sometimes cleaning with commercial choices (e.g. commercial all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, oven cleaner, et cetera) can be difficult to deal with. Commercial cleaners are usually chock full of chemicals. While many people can get away with using them, others may not be able to because of skin or allergy reactions, children in the home, or simply a desire to avoid chemicals as ...
3 Tips For Cleaning The Bathroom
Aug 31, 2018 / Home /
No one really likes cleaning the bathroom, do they? It’s not the most pleasant job in the world, that’s for sure. Even though it’s not pleasant, it still needs to be done. In fact, cleaning the bathroom even quickly on a frequent basis makes things much easier and less gross in the future. Want some tips? We have you covered: Wipe The Shower Condensation Every time you take a shower, the water will leave condensation on the walls of your shower stall. DO not let these droplets ...
3 Tips For Cleaning Your Kitchen
Aug 24, 2018 / Home /
Having a clean kitchen will improve so many aspects of your life, did you know that? For one, a clean kitchen helps make the cooking process much easier and organized. In addition to this, a clean kitchen helps clear your head, impress guests, et cetera. So how do you keep a clean kitchen? Can you make it easy? Yes, you can! Let’s review some of the key tips for cleaning your kitchen and keeping it that way now: Do Dishes Daily Dirty dishes are perhaps the most ...
3 Tips For Painting Your Walls White
Jul 20, 2018 / Home /
Painting your walls white is perhaps the first thing people go for when they want to have a neutral palette and complete control over the furniture and remaining parts of the interior decoration and design. However, what many people fail to recognize is white does not come in just one shade—there are actually many intricacies to this colour! Here are three tips you should consider when you want to paint your walls white: Expand Spaces Need to make a space look bigger? Using white on at least ...
3 Ways To Choose A Colour Scheme
When you are painting and decorating a room in your home, one of the first things you have to decide is what your colour scheme is going to be. This is actually the cornerstone of any design project, since you need to have colours in mind so you are able to pick the paint, choose your furniture, et cetera. But how can you start to decide on the colours you want to use? There are quite a few strategies to do so. Here are three ...
3 Benefits Of Black Paint In Interior Design
Jul 06, 2018 / Home /
When people paint their homes, they tend to go with either neutral tones or light colours (e.g. pale blue). Anything darker tends to be a bright blue, red, et cetera, and often only appears on an accent wall rather than a whole room. For the most part, people stay away from painting any part of their walls black, for fear of things like making small spaces look even smaller, among other reasons. However, black paint on your walls can actually be quite the powerful thing. ...
3 Deep Cleaning Tasks
Jun 29, 2018 / Home /
There are cleaning chores you need to perform frequently, such as washing the dishes and doing laundry. This will help your home looking clean on most days. With that said, there are still things you should do to clean your home as part of a deep clean. This is something you can do every couple months, or every quarter, depending on your specific lifestyle. Here are three samples of deep cleaning tasks for your cleaning routine: Vacuum The Furniture Vacuuming the carpet and tiles in your home ...
3 Weekly Cleaning Tasks
Jun 22, 2018 / Home /
Sometimes there are cleaning tasks you cannot do or even need to do every day, but still need to do regularly. This is where weekly cleaning sessions come in handy! We highly recommend setting aside part of a day to do all of your weekly cleaning, but you can arrange your schedule as necessary. Here are three of the most important weekly cleaning tasks you should always keep in mind: Wash The Floors You do not need to wash your floors all the time, but a good ...
3 Quick Daily Cleaning Tasks
Jun 15, 2018 / Home /
You cannot clean every inch of your home every single day. Not only is it unlikely for you to have enough time to do this, but it is actually also unnecessary to clean everything all the time. There are, however, some essential daily cleaning tasks you do need to take care of. Always work to make time for the following: Wipe Down Countertops You handle food in your kitchen all the time, whether it’s cooking meals yourself of dishing out takeout. As a result, your countertops will ...
2 Homemade Cleaner Recipes
Jun 08, 2018 / Home /
A clean home is a comfortable one. Regularly cleaning your living space helps to clear your head—trust us on this one! The majority of people purchase their cleaning supplies at the store, often because of the convenience and marketing. However, sometimes the chemicals in commercial products can cause allergic reactions, skin irritations, et cetera. Want to avoid this? You can be much friendlier to the environment (and your senses) by using homemade cleaner around your house as much as possible. Below we’ve compiled a couple ...