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3 Tips For Cleaning Your Closet
Sep 28, 2018 / Home /
Do you find you have too much stuff, clothes and otherwise, in your closet? Having trouble finding what you are looking for? Need to clean things up, even just a little bit? You have come to the right place! Cleaning your closet will help organize your clothing and other items like suitcases, shoes, and accessories. Here are some tips to help you clean your closet and organize your room better: Take An Inventory The first thing you need to do is take an inventory of everything in ...
3 Tips For Doing Laundry
Sep 21, 2018 / Home /
Laundry is an essential part of being an adult—how else are we supposed to get clean clothes, towels, and bed sheets? It is the key to a lot of things. Now, many of us know about reading the labels on clothing for what we need to do, so here are three not-so-common tips for doing laundry that will help you out even more than you thought they could! Dryer Balls Not Sheets A lot of people use dryer sheets when they are doing laundry to help fluff ...
3 Ways To Deal With Kitchen Smells
Sep 14, 2018 / Home /
Sometimes when you are cooking, your kitchen will be filled with a range of different smells. Sometimes you might have nice kitchen smells, but things like curry or garlic are not particularly pleasing to everyone, especially if they linger in your kitchen for a long time afterwards. Here are some quick and easy strategies to deal with the more unpleasant kitchen smells: Neutralize With Vinegar If you just want to get rid of the smell rather than replace or cover up the smell in another way, we ...
3 Tips For Natural Cleaning
Sep 07, 2018 / Home /
Living in a clean home is a great feeling. Everything is organized, you don’t have to deal with flies…life is good! But sometimes cleaning with commercial choices (e.g. commercial all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, oven cleaner, et cetera) can be difficult to deal with. Commercial cleaners are usually chock full of chemicals. While many people can get away with using them, others may not be able to because of skin or allergy reactions, children in the home, or simply a desire to avoid chemicals as ...
3 Tips For Cleaning The Bathroom
Aug 31, 2018 / Home /
No one really likes cleaning the bathroom, do they? It’s not the most pleasant job in the world, that’s for sure. Even though it’s not pleasant, it still needs to be done. In fact, cleaning the bathroom even quickly on a frequent basis makes things much easier and less gross in the future. Want some tips? We have you covered: Wipe The Shower Condensation Every time you take a shower, the water will leave condensation on the walls of your shower stall. DO not let these droplets ...
3 Tips For Cleaning Your Kitchen
Aug 24, 2018 / Home /
Having a clean kitchen will improve so many aspects of your life, did you know that? For one, a clean kitchen helps make the cooking process much easier and organized. In addition to this, a clean kitchen helps clear your head, impress guests, et cetera. So how do you keep a clean kitchen? Can you make it easy? Yes, you can! Let’s review some of the key tips for cleaning your kitchen and keeping it that way now: Do Dishes Daily Dirty dishes are perhaps the most ...
3 Tips For Kitchen Countertops
Aug 17, 2018 / Interior Design /
Your kitchen countertops are important when it comes to the interior design and decoration of your kitchen. They will take up a significant portion of your design process. Ready to get started? Here are three key tips for you to consider when picking out your countertops: Kitchen Countertops Come First When you start designing your kitchen, the first thing you should pick out are your countertops. Why?  They help set the tone for the rest of your kitchen’s design, since they can feature patterns and colour to ...
3 Benefits Of A Kitchen Island
Aug 10, 2018 / Interior Design /
Do you have a kitchen island in your home? Thinking you might want one? Here are three key benefits of having a kitchen island as part of your kitchen’s interior design style: Storage Space If you (or someone else) designed the kitchen island properly, this piece in your kitchen provides additional storage space for things like pots and pans, plates, Tupperware, et cetera. You can even have drawers for cutlery, spices, and more. The possibilities for storage are endless! If you are building a kitchen island, consider ...
3 Tips For Accent Walls
Aug 03, 2018 / Interior Design /
Accent walls are an increasingly popular trend when it comes to interior design and decoration. They are a great way to focus attention in a particular room. They are an extremely effective tool for most design strategies, so long as you wield them well. Looking to include an accent wall in your home? Here are three key tips to consider: Shades Of The Same One easy strategy for an effective accent wall is to use another shade of the same colour as the other three walls in ...
3 Interior Design Tips For Small Spaces
Jul 27, 2018 / Interior Design /
Sometimes trying to design small spaces is difficult since there is just less real estate to work with—or so many people believe. However, you can actually end up with better function and design in a smaller space simply because you have to get creative and really think about what you are including (or not including). The work can pay off in the end! Let’s look at a few interior design tips to really help you out with a smaller space: Choose Pieces Carefully Since you do not ...