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Asian buffet chain COSMO opens Leeds city centre division
Oct 23, 2012 / Architecture /
The current economic downturn across Europe has been influencing economies all over the world and while some nations are still recuperating from the hit they took back in 2009, it is fair to say that the crunch is still on. UK has been particularly feeling the effects of the slow times in the past year or so and it is said that even the grand and spectacular celebrations of the Olympics have done little when it comes to giving local economies a boost. But for those ...
Fun: decorations for our animals!
Oct 20, 2012 / Interior Design /
I had the opportunity to present my chat box and pretty Poo Poo Pee Doo roller, but did you know that I am also the proud owner of a nice dog and jolei called Pixie? For the curious ones, some images are available here: giggles guaranteed! I therefore also love for all design objects and fun than you can find for their animals ... And this time, I discovered very pretty baskets for dogs and cats.
Designer ideas for Halloween
Oct 19, 2012 / Interior Design /
Designers do not lack imagination to bring the most popular festival in the fall into the interior of the r├ętissants! With furniture and decorative objects inspired by the shape and color of the pumpkin, Halloween has become very trendy!
Top commercial interior trends of 2012
Oct 17, 2012 / Interior Design /
We might not be at the absolute end of the year, but it seems like we are getting there fast and as 2012 races towards a close, commercial interior design and its trends have taken another turn towards the future. While interiors as a whole are changing and evolving at a rapid pace, its effect is starting to show in the commercial sector with new trends that are both innovative and unique. Here are the ones that are on the top so far in 2012 and ...
Gumhook, pretty hook Pa J-shaped design
Oct 16, 2012 / Furniture /
This hook design is not design. Finally, if it is design, but it is signed by Pa Design. Nuance. In any case, one thing is certain, design or Pa Design, this hook-shaped flexible J is really fun and original form with a letter of the alphabet. More importantly, this colorful peg takes care of your clothes because it molded silicone, which makes it very flexible and very soft fabrics for your favorites. A cheap and original design, what more? Adopt J style home with this beautiful hook ...