Asian buffet chain COSMO opens Leeds city centre division
Oct 23, 2012 // Architecture //

The current economic downturn across Europe has been influencing economies all over the world and while some nations are still recuperating from the hit they took back in 2009, it is fair to say that the crunch is still on.

UK has been particularly feeling the effects of the slow times in the past year or so and it is said that even the grand and spectacular celebrations of the Olympics have done little when it comes to giving local economies a boost. But for those in the neighborhood of Leeds, there is some good news as gourmet Asian buffet chain COSMO is all set to open a new restaurant at city’s Merrion Centre.

The new restaurant will not only serve up great food for the tourists, but will also be a welcome hangout for locals and those who have their offices in the region. The new development creates a beautiful atmosphere for an expanding community which also seems to be finding great new residence options like Leeds city centre apartments, which offer sustainable and stylish modern waterside flats. With the New Front Scheme being the perfect leisure destination that houses bars, restaurants, a gym and several other commercial ventures, seems like things are just starting pick up in this region of UK!

COSMO will open at the New Front development, which stands next to the Leeds Arena that will open in September next year. This will not just create a bustling and thriving economic hub, but also promises to generate 50 new jobs for the locals. The restaurant will be serving a wide variety of cuisine that ranges from Japanese and Chinese to Thai and Indian. Since COSMO offers live cooking demonstration, those paying for their food here can watch the cooking process itself and for the foodies, there will be an ‘all you can eat’ buffet as well.

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