4 Ways To Customize A Rented Apartment
Feb 23, 2018 // Home //

While everyone who owns their own home has complete control over the decoration and design, right down to where the walls are and what colour they are, this is not the case with many rented apartments. Landlords often put a number of restrictions, since they know people can be in and out and what some might find amazing in terms of interior decoration others may not, and they do not want to deal with having to revert everything to something neutral every time a tenant leaves.

To that end, here are four ways you can easily customize a rented apartment without making significant changes your landlord will not like:

Hanging Artwork

Yes, you can hang artwork in your place. If allowed, we recommend lightly nailing something into your walls. Note, however, that you may need to speckle the wal.ls when you move. If your landlord still does not want this, or you do not want to deal with the care before you move, you can buy hangers that just stick to your walls and come off easily. Thus, you may still hand your art without any lasting effects on your walls.

Laying Area Rugs

Do you not enjoy the hard floors in your apartment? Bored by the wall to wall carpet? You can lay down a nice area rug of your choosing. It does not permanently alter anything on your floors in any way. You can choose something with a pattern or something in a solid colour—it is all up to you! You may also choose a bunch and switch them out regularly.

Collecting Throw Pillows

In all likelihood you will not be able to paint the walls in your rented apartment. On the off chance you are able to do so, your landlords will likely specify you may only choose a neutral colour, and they will need to approve your choice. Instead of painting your walls to add colour, why not purchase some throw pillows in colours you love and have those on your couch, chairs, and bed.

Stick On Wall Decals

Another way to brighten up your walls and add interest (or cover some unfortunate designs), you can also stick on some wall decals! These add some pops of colour, design to solid walls, et cetera. And the best part? You can peel them right off if you ever get tired of them or want to move away.

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