4 Tips For Hanging Pictures
Nov 24, 2017 // Home, Interior Design //

Artwork, whether a photograph or a canvas painting, is an integral part of any home. It speaks volumes about those who live there, even if it is largely absent. The choice of what to hang up is, obviously, solely your discretion. With that said, you want to ensure everything you do hang is level. You want to ensure things are pleasing to the eye when people look, even in placement. To that end, here are some key tips for handing pictures and paintings in your home.

Measure Carefully

Trying to decide where to hang and how to hang your art using only your eyes can return unfortunate results. Use a measuring tape and a level to help decide how high to hang your painting, where to put the hole in the wall, and when you have a level picture.

Invest In Hardware

In order to hang your pictures well, you are going to need the appropriate hardware. There are a few different styles of hanging pictures and paintings, including using wires and hooks, a hook on the wall to attach to a piece of hardware screwed into the back of the picture, et cetera. Make sure you consider first the material of your wall, what you need in terms of tools to hang it, personal preference, and more when choosing the appropriate hardware for your pictures.

Consider The Height

When it comes to choosing the location of your pictures and paintings, take the time to consider the height—how high are you planning to hang them? There is actually a great deal of strategy in this decision, with many sources claiming you should never hang your pictures more than six inches above furniture, whereas others say a foot. Regardless, the height at which you hand your art can play a big role in the visual appeal of the room and the way in which the art is received.

Watching Weight

When you are hanging your wall art, it is critical to know how much it weighs. This has a major influence over the type and amount of hardware you will need. Insufficient support will cause your art to fall off the walls, which is something no one wants to have happen!

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