4 Tips For Brightening A Dark Room
Mar 23, 2018 // Home //

Is a room in your home looking a little dark? It would be great to let some light in, wouldn’t it? Many people think the only major options are to add more windows, or to introduce bigger ones. However, there are things you can do beyond major renovations! Here are four of these tips now:

Light Colours

What colour are your walls in the room? What about the ceiling? You can immediately brighten up a space by painting the walls in light colours, such as a pale yellow, and painting the ceiling white. Dark colours just make a room look small and drab if they are on every wall. Save the darker colours for accents and let the light colours brighten your space instead.

Change Window Treatments

What kind of blinds or curtains do you have on your windows? Dark colours here can make your room darker—change them out for something in a brighter or light colour. You can even choose to eliminate the curtains or blinds altogether!

Sleek Furniture

Did you know bulky furniture can darken a room? Check to see if any of the pieces you own might be considered bulky. If you can, switch out the furniture and purchase sleek items, ideally with light colours involved (e.g. a light wood like pine instead of something dark like cherry).

Lighten Flooring

Are you using a dark area rug? Try something lighter. Is the wood flooring a darker colour? Once again, try a lighter colour. The key to brightening any room is to use more light colours than dark. This often means neutrals or pastels. If you are worried about the amount of colour being too little, you can always add in accents and use the more intense or darker colours there.


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