4 Storage Tips For Small Spaces
Feb 02, 2018 // Home //

Everyone needs to store some things in their home. Sometimes it will be a lot of stuff, and sometimes it will only be a littler. The need for storage does not change depending on the size of your space—you still need to take care of your possessions! With a small space, however, it can be harder to find storage space—everything else is limited! Here are some tips to help store everything you own in a small space:

Under The Bed

You need a bed in your home, there is no denying it. The key here is to use the space it takes up effectively. For instance, buy a bedframe with drawers, so you can store sheets and clothes under your bed with no problem. If you cannot or do not want to have drawers, you can also purchase some clear bins that slide under your bed, though this is far less refined.

Door Organization

Why not store things on your door? All you need to do is purchase a door organizer! You can use these to hand scarves, shoes, et cetera. This frees up space on your floor or in your closet—both precious commodities in a small apartment.

Wall Mounted

Instead of using things on the floor to store your stuff, you can have wall-mounted storage. For instance, you can mount a rack of hooks you can hang your coats on instead of buying a coat rack you have to have on the floor. If you choose carefully, the wall-mounted storage can actually play well into your interior decoration as well as store your things!

Multifunctional Furniture

You need things like a couch or ottoman in your home. The exact pieces, obviously, depend on what your place can handle. If you think about things in advance, you can make your furniture do more than one thing for you—for instance, consider a coffee table with drawers underneath or an ottoman with a chest as its base. Furniture with more than one function often offer a prime opportunity to store stuff without adding even more clutter to your home.

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