4 Plants For Apartment Life
Feb 09, 2018 // Home //

Just because you live in an apartment, in the urban jungle, does not mean you cannot engage in gardening. You can have nice green space within your apartment so long as you choose your plants and flowers carefully. Curious about your options? Here are four plants ideal for apartment life.

Peace Lilies

The lily, with its wide range of specific species, is the perfect addition to an outdoor garden. The good news? You can bring this beauty inside with the peace lily, which is a hardier form of the beautiful flower. You can have it in an apartment with dim lighting—even if your window faces another building! You need only water the peace lily once a week. It even thrives under fluorescent lighting, which means you can put it in the bathroom too!


Succulents, out of all the plants on this list, are perhaps the hardest to kill. This is a great help to them when it comes to growing succulents in an apartment instead of an outdoor garden. They require very little water, and you only need to water them again when their coil is completely dry. In addition, they do not need sunlight all the time, which means you can put them away from the windows if you wish!

African Violets

Many of the plants best suited for your apartment living are going to be simple greenery. They tend to do the best in low lighting, on average, over colourful flowers. The good news? You still have some options. African violets are perfect indoor plants, particularly for apartment living. They are best close to your windows so they can get sun. They also only need watering about once or twice a week—just enough to keep the soil damp. Never water their leaves, however, as this can affect the colour.


Cacti are perfect for your apartment. They require very little watering: once a week in the summer, perhaps even longer in the winter. They also require little light—in fact, direct sunlight is not good for them! They can also blend between multiple interior design styles, which makes them quite the versatile plant for your home.

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