4 Dorm Room Organization Tips
Feb 16, 2018 // Home //

Moving into residence at your university is certainly an exciting time in life. It can also be scary if this will be your first time properly away from home. But if you can take a deep breath, even just preparing for your move can be exhilarating. Make sure your room is well-organized with these dorm room organization tips:

Mattress and Door Caddies

You may not have a lot of space in your room, which means hanging organization is key. One of the most popular examples is a hanging shoe organizer on the back of your door. You can put your shoes in here obviously, but you may also choose to use it for snacks, school supplies like pens and small notebooks, or anything else that will fit in the pockets.

Similar to the door caddy, you can also find mattress caddies, which hook between the mattress and the box spring (or the bed frame). This is perfect spot for your glasses, medication, and anything else you might normally put on your nightstand.

Declutter Before You Arrive

Perhaps the best dorm room organization tip is actually to declutter your possessions before you even move to your dorm. This means getting rid of the clothes you no longer wear, anything you do not really use anymore, et cetera. This way, you have less stuff to organize when you get to your dorm room, which makes organizing much easier!

Vertical Closet Shelving

Every dorm room will have a closet, even if it is a small one. Make the most of this space by purchasing some vertical closet shelving (something you can hang off the bar like a hanger. This can help you organize more of your clothes within your closet instead of in a dressed or under your bed. Get a good size and have it go all the way to the floor for the best possible results and most organizational capacity.

Bulletin Board

Having a bulletin board in your room is a great way to pin yourself notes for classes and such. It can also be a good way to organize your keys, jewelry, et cetera. Just make sure to get good push pins so everything stays up!



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