3 Weekly Cleaning Tasks
Jun 22, 2018 // Home //

Sometimes there are cleaning tasks you cannot do or even need to do every day, but still need to do regularly. This is where weekly cleaning sessions come in handy! We highly recommend setting aside part of a day to do all of your weekly cleaning, but you can arrange your schedule as necessary. Here are three of the most important weekly cleaning tasks you should always keep in mind:

Wash The Floors

You do not need to wash your floors all the time, but a good rule of thumb is to do it once a week. You can use the old mop and bucket if you want to, though we recommend investing in a good steamer. This makes washing your floors quick and easy—even fun! In both cases, however, you always need to vacuum your floors before you wash them—this removes any dust and loose debris that would compromise the washing.

Clean The Bathroom

You need to regularly get rid of grime and bacteria in your bathroom. Since this is where you get clean, you need to ensure the area is clean as well—sometimes what you remove from your body is littered around the bathroom, which increases the bacteria, dirt, et cetera in the room. The first thing you should do is spray down your tub and shower, because letting the spray sit for a little while makes scrubbing grime, stains, et cetera, far easier. You can do the same with your toilet.

Laundry Day

For the most part, you should wash your bed sheets and pillowcases once each week to help minimize the bacteria on them, which in turn helps reduce acne and other negative effects on your body. Thus, throw your sheets into the washing machine on the weekend and let it make your sheets nice and clean. You can also wash your clothes once a week. If you separate your clothes, you might need to do additional loads, perhaps even spacing out the timing depending on what your schedule looks like and how much clothing of one type, colour, et cetera you have.

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