3 Ways To Deal With Kitchen Smells
Sep 14, 2018 // Home //

Sometimes when you are cooking, your kitchen will be filled with a range of different smells. Sometimes you might have nice kitchen smells, but things like curry or garlic are not particularly pleasing to everyone, especially if they linger in your kitchen for a long time afterwards. Here are some quick and easy strategies to deal with the more unpleasant kitchen smells:

Neutralize With Vinegar

If you just want to get rid of the smell rather than replace or cover up the smell in another way, we recommend filling small containers of white vinegar and placing them around your kitchen. This should help suck up the kitchen smells and stop them from lingering for a lot longer. This is a similar concept to putting some baking soda or such in the fridge to neutralize those odors. It does not replace them with something delicious—just takes away the bad!

Bake Fake Cookies

Sure, you could make a batch of real cookies to deal with the smells in your kitchen, this might not always be the easiest thing to do. You can also make fake cookies to help mimic the smell without a lot of effort. This is simply combining a little butter, brown sugar, and vanilla (or cinnamon) and baking it on a lower heat for a little while.

Turn On Exhaust Fan

Another great way to deal with the kitchen smells, specifically to disperse the smells faster, is to turn on the exhaust fan above your oven. This fan is very effective at moving air around and even sucking in a little air—smells in your kitchen will be gone before you know it! More often than not people use exhaust fans to disperse a little smoke, such as when they use the broiler, but it still works well for removing kitchen smells.


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