3 Ways To Choose A Colour Scheme

When you are painting and decorating a room in your home, one of the first things you have to decide is what your colour scheme is going to be. This is actually the cornerstone of any design project, since you need to have colours in mind so you are able to pick the paint, choose your furniture, et cetera. But how can you start to decide on the colours you want to use? There are quite a few strategies to do so. Here are three to help get your off on the right foot:

Inspiring Art

Do you have a favourite piece of art? If so, you can use that as your inspiration for the room. Choose a couple colours to highlight from the piece and use them around the room for the wall colour, furniture tones, et cetera. Try to limit it to two or three colours (depending on the room and the art), so you do not overwhelm people in the room and can actually drive the focus to the piece of art itself.

Classic Combinations

Of course, you can always fall back on classic colour combinations for your interior design colour scheme choice. Some of these combinations include red and white, red and green, as well as blue and yellow. These are safe colours to use together since they are long proven to work well—they are classics for a reason!

Colour Wheel

Nothing is better than using the colour wheel to start devising a colour scheme from scratch. Many people will often pick shades of the same colour, or colours on the same side of the wheel, but these are not your only options! Yes, both of those strategies work well, but you should also consider choosing one colour and looking at what colour is on the exact opposite side of the wheel (e.g. blue and orange). This might reveal odd combinations, but colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel are complementing contrasts.


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