3 Tips To Add Colour Without Painting
May 04, 2018 // Interior Decoration //

Whether you do not wish to paint or are unable to paint your home, colour is a critical component of interior decoration and design. Even a monochrome or otherwise neutral theme has colour involved! So if you cannot use paint to help add colour to your home, what can you do? Well, the possibilities are actually endless, but for your convenience we have gathered three simple tips to add colour without painting. Check them out now:

Walls Of Art

Art is incredibly versatile in terms of the feelings it can invoke and the function it’ll play in your home. That said, there is one commonality—art is a fantastic and simple way to include some colour in your home without painting your walls. This idea works best if you have an otherwise neutral colour scheme, since then you have more choice when it comes to the art (specifically, the colour of the art). Hang some art on your walls for colour! Get tired of it? Switch out the artwork.

Throw Pillows

Does anyone really know the function of throw pillows? They’re not like your bedroom pillows on which you lay your head, though you can still use them for comfort on your living room couch, should you so desire. Many people might forget, however, of how you can also use them to add a pop of colour to the room. You can do this with solid colour throw pillows, of course, but you may also choose to use patterns, depending on the theme and personal taste.

Table Covers

Do you have a tablecloth on your dining room table? What about a small cover for the coffee table? Putting tablecloths on your tables is yet another way you can integrate colour into your home without painting your walls. You can easily have numerous tablecloths as well, which gives you the ability to switch them out as you see fit. For instance, you can choose a Christmas themed tablecloth for the winter, warm colours for the autumn, et cetera.

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