3 Tips For Working From Home
Jan 04, 2019 // Home //

Telecommuting, otherwise known as working from home, is becoming increasingly popular. It helps ensure an ideal environment when it comes to the noise level, and you do not have to worry about adhering to the needs of your colleagues (except, obviously, when it comes to projects you are working on together and such). However, it can also be tougher to maintain a quality level of work unless you take pains to make your space well suited to your professional life. To that end, here are some tips to help you when working from home:

Dedicated Office Space

It really helps to have a dedicated office space when you plan to work from home. Why? It helps you minimize the potential distractions in your home. It works well because you can get a good desk, office chair, et cetera. Outfit your office space as you need to, and make a deal with yourself that you won’t leave the space unless it’s for a bathroom break or any other break you would take if you were actually at the office.

Make A List

What do you need to get done during your work day? Before you really begin your day of working from home, you should have a list ready for everything you want or need to get done that day (or at least make progress on). You can make this list when you are at the office, or in the morning at home before you begin. In both cases, the list will help you track your productivity and keep you on track for the day—your home is full of more distractions after all, even with a dedicated office space.

Be Clear About Working Hours

It’s easy to make sure you stick to your work hours when you work in the office, since you can disconnect when you leave for the day. This is much harder if you are working from home. Your office is your home! Thus, it is critical to be clear about your working hour when working from home. You need to know what times you are working, how long, et cetera. If you have a dedicated office space, make it so when you leave that room in the afternoon or early evening, you are leaving the office and won’t be working anymore. This balance is key to ensuring you do not experience burnout, become stressed about your job, et cetera.

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