3 Tips For Moving In With Friends
Dec 21, 2018 // Home //

So you are looking for a new place to live and decide why not move in with your best friends? Sounds fantastic, right? After all, you get along really well and understand each other even when you don’t live together, so you should be a perfect fit for sharing an apartment or a house. However, this might not be the case. Many people find their friendships ruined when they move in together. With this in mind, if you still think you and your best friend(s) will be a good match, here are three essential tips to consider for moving in with friends:

Set Some Ground Rules

Are you going to share groceries? Can you borrow clothes? How will you break down common expenses? Will you have quiet hours? What about protocol for guests? There are many questions you should always ask of potential roommates, even if they are your best friend. Before you take the plunge and sign a lease, you should discuss some ground rules and come to an agreement that works for everyone. For instance, many say they will share common grocery items like eggs and milk, but then specific things (e.g. raspberries, bacon) are up to each individual to purchase and the other can only have some if they ask. It is important to set the ground rules in advance to avoid serious conflicts in the future.

Consider A Chore Chart

Everyone wants to live in a clean apartment, right? Well, maybe not everyone, but most people do. However, it is unfair for one person to do all the cleaning, no matter if they enjoy it or not. Thus, we highly recommend considering a chore chart, or at least discussing how you will divide the chores between one another. This way everyone pulls their weight and no one feels slighted. You can always revisit and shift the responsibilities later (this is actually good so you can change tasks and quantity/difficult of tasks if it’s not an even split).

Open Communication

Above all, you should strive to have open communication about your living arrangement with the friend(s) you will be sharing a space with. This is the only way to help foster a good living environment. Chances are you will have a disagreement now and again, but with open communication you can generally solve issues relatively easily and without a lasting negative impact on the friendship.

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