3 Tips For Living With Roommates
Oct 26, 2018 // Home //

At some point in your life, you are going to have to live with other people aside from your family. Whether you are in your university’s residence or are living with roommates in off-campus housing, you will still need to get along. You don’t need to be best friends, but getting along is still key to peaceful living. With this in mind, here are 3 tips for living with roommates:

Set Some Basic Rules

Before you move in together, or on the first day, you should sit down together and decide on some basic rules. For instance, maybe you don’t mind if they use your laundry detergent on occasion, but would prefer their leave your chocolate stash alone. Maybe you will share your tea bags, but would like them to ask first about the loose leaf tea. Maybe you want to split up the chores, need a heads up if they are going to have an overnight guest, et cetera. Setting some basic rules helps to avoid potential conflicts in the future.

Talk About Common Expenses

What are you going to split the cost of? Toilet paper? Hand soap? Cleaning products? Make sure you talk about how you are going to split up certain expenses. Common ways of doing this are simply trading off who buys the stuff, and sometimes it means contributing money into a common jar from which you can withdraw the cash and pay for group items (e.g. if you and your roommate(s) want to order pizza together). This is important because money can quickly become a sore topic among roommates, even if you are close friends.

Understand Their Schedule

Do you know when your roommate(s) like to take a shower? Do you know if they have a nearly class and have to go to sleep earlier? What about late nights? Understanding everyone’s schedule is simply respectful.

For instance if your roommate does not wake up at 6:30am, you might want to avoid grinding coffee that early out of respect (or figure out how to make it quiet). If they need to go to sleep early but you don’t, perhaps wait to take your shower until they have been in the bathroom and brushed their teeth if you know its about the time they normally turn in for the night. Understanding their schedule is a significant step to harmonious living.


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