3 Tips For Kitchen Countertops
Aug 17, 2018 // Interior Design //

Your kitchen countertops are important when it comes to the interior design and decoration of your kitchen. They will take up a significant portion of your design process. Ready to get started? Here are three key tips for you to consider when picking out your countertops:

Kitchen Countertops Come First

When you start designing your kitchen, the first thing you should pick out are your countertops. Why?  They help set the tone for the rest of your kitchen’s design, since they can feature patterns and colour to carry through the room. The countertops can also put the biggest dent into your budget, which combined with its influence over the colour palette in your kitchen means it should be the base around which you design this space. Make it work!

Be In Love

Since your kitchen countertops are such a big ticket item in your kitchen design, you should really love what you pick. Love is worth the investment, there is no doubt about it. Do not compromise for something a little inferior—build the cost into your budget. If you like marble, so for it! Granite is good too. While we have established your countertops should be the first thing you choose in your kitchen, we also recommend you think about what kind of design style you want overall, since this can help you determine which countertop material is the best for your needs and taste.

Get Creative

Do not be afraid to get creative with your choices in kitchen countertops. You can choose the same material for all of them, but this is not necessary! For instance, you can pick a different style for the kitchen island than the rest of the countertops if you so choose. The only recommendation we have if you decide to vary the materials is to avoid mixing patterns—you do not want to overwhelm your kitchen’s design and colour palette!




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